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New Miles Davis Graphic Novel Biography Chronicles His Musical Innovation

Jazz icon Miles Davis is the subject of a stunning new graphic novel biography from Z2 Comics titled “Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound.” Releasing November 7th, the book immerses readers in Davis’ winding journey of musical discovery.

Written and illustrated by cartoonist Dave Chisholm, who holds a doctorate in jazz trumpet, the graphic novel traces Davis’ evolution from childhood to reshaping jazz improvisation across decades. Through meticulous research, Chisholm captures the restless creativity that led Davis to break boundaries again and again.

New Miles Davis Graphic Novel Biography Chronicles His Musical Innovation 1

The narrative frames Davis’ story around his recovery from a 1982 stroke, when he had to relearn playing trumpet through scribbling with a pencil. From there, it flashes back to his early years honing his sound and navigating racism to become a jazz master.

Chisholm highlights Davis’ search for elusive tones and textures that fueled his reinventions of jazz, funk, fusion, and more. The book’s shifting visual palette mirrors the kaleidoscopic phases of Davis’ career. Excerpts from Davis’ own words guide the first-person narration.

For Chisholm, a lifelong Davis devotee, the book represents a dream project:

“Davis continually inspires me to pursue stylistic change as an artist. This is the book I’ve always dreamt of creating; it’s the biggest honor of my professional life.”

Z2 Comics will release the 150-page hardcover graphic novel in multiple collectible editions:

  • Standard hardcover
  • Deluxe edition with art prints and a 7-inch vinyl single
  • Limited edition signed versions
  • Ultra rare tier with a Miles Davis 3D sculpture

This one-of-a-kind graphic novel invites both jazz aficionados and newcomers into the radical creative force behind Davis’ music.

Don’t miss the chance to preorder Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound before it arrives November 7th.

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