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New Haulathon Week 3 Drops: Get Your TMNT and Hello Kitty Fix!

NECA, LLC’s Haulathon: The Ultimate Collector’s Event of the Year

Collectors and pop culture enthusiasts, mark your calendars! NECA, LLC’s Haulathon, a month-long global collector’s event, is now in its third week, and it’s packed with all-new figures and collectibles from NECA and Kidrobot. This event is a must-see for anyone who loves iconic pop culture figures, from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Sonic and Hello Kitty.

Week three drops feature products from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hello Kitty. Fans of TMNT can expect an ultimate Usagi Yojimbo Black & White 7” Scale Action Figure, an ultimate Zog (Deluxe) 7” Scale Action Figure from Mirage Comics, a Dreadmon figure 7” Scale Action Figure from Archie Comics, and a Short Gangster & Tall Thug 2-pack 7” Scale Action Figures from the Cartoon series. Meanwhile, Hello Kitty fans can get their hands on a 13” Medium Plush of Hello Kitty Chinese Zodiac “Rabbit.”

New Haulathon Week 3 Drops: Get Your TMNT and Hello Kitty Fix! 1

Haulathon’s global collection is available at Target stores and on within the US, and internationally at

New products will be available to purchase online every Friday at 8:00am CST.

But that’s not all. Haulathon will also feature figures, plush, and other merchandise featuring Universal Monsters, E.T., Gremlins, Ghost Face, Rob Zombie’s “The Munsters,” and more. Plus, the event is complemented by the presence of celebrities who helped inspire the creation of these iconic characters, including artist Ken Mitchroney (TMNT), Zach Galligan (“Gremlins”), and Daniel Roebuck (Rob Zombie’s “The Munsters”). Look for interviews and videos at the pop culture blog The Fan Room.

Haulathon is produced by Radical Share, a global digital marketing agency that manages Haulathon’s social media, influencer, publicity, email, and Ecommerce platforms. In addition to NECA, Radical Share also represents global brands Kidrobot, Rubies Costumes, Chia Pet,, Denuo Novo, and more.

New Haulathon Week 3 Drops: Get Your TMNT and Hello Kitty Fix! 3

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the ultimate collector’s event of the year. Head over to or now to get your hands on these iconic figures and collectibles.

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