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Sunday News: Nevsky Books, Skin Creepers 2019 kills all!

Sunday News: Nevsky Books, Skin Creepers 2019 kills all!

Skin Creepers

Skin Creepers and Books about Weightlifting abound!

3 more reps books alexander nevskyALEXANDER NEVSKY, ACTION STARS AND THE GOLDEN AGE OF BODYBUILDING: 3 MORE REPS! book out now!

International Action Star Alexander Nevsky is shown on the cover of “3 More Reps! The Golden Age of Bodybuilding,” the legendary book which was just released worldwide.

This is a special anniversary edition from George Snyder and Rick Wayne that features internationally renown action stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matthias Hues, and Nevsky (three-time Mr. Universe), as well as other professionals in the bodybuilding world, including Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, Dave Draper and many more, who all give their personal training secrets. 

The original book was published 40 years ago during the great bodybuilding boom that Schwarzenegger helped usher in. In Nevsky’s case, his chapter focuses on how to get started if you want to gain muscle mass. Before becoming the bodybuilding champion and movie star he is known for today, Nevsky was a skinny kid who got inspired by his heroes Schwarzenegger, Ralf Moeller, and Hues, and started training. He has since become friends with all his childhood idols. 

Nevsky produced and starred in 10 international action films to date, including the hits Moscow Heat, Treasure Raiders, Magic Man, Showdown in Manila, and Maximum Impact, among others. He made his directorial debut with the exciting action thriller Black Rose, co-starring Kristanna Loken which was a theatrical box office hit in Russia/CIS  and was released in North America by Sony Pictures (and is currently available on Netflix). 

His latest projects include the big budget action comedy Maximum Impact directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak (currently available on Amazon Prime Video) and the historical action drama Wild League co-produced by Eric Brenner (released worldwide this fall).

The book “3 More Reps! The Golden Age of Bodybuilding” is available on Amazon.

Skin Creepers

Demonic Horror Shocker SKIN CREEPERS Now Available to Stream in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia!

SKIN CREEPERS is a German language horror film that will appeal to a wide range of horror fans. Despite being shot on a relatively limited budget, the film is already being recognized for its stunning visual effects and its old-school practical approach to filmmaking, which will be highly appreciated by gore hounds around the world. After a successful German theatrical run, the film is now celebrating its international release in the US, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland on multiple major VOD Platforms, including Amazon Prime and Tubi, among others.

The story is inspired by true events that took place in Frankfurt am Main, where a Korean family performed an exorcism on a young woman who sadly lost her life.

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Cast  & Crew:
Shot in Germany with an almost unknown German cast, aside from Adult model icon Micaela Schäfer who appears in an erotic cameo role and legendary German TV character actor Dieter Landuris. Directed by first time filmmaker Ezra Tsegaye, who worked previously in commercials as a storyboard artist for Hollywood films such as “THE INTERNATIONAL,” and is also a successful comic strip artist, who was involved in the creation of the first original German superhero comic.

Ezra´s background as a comic book and storyboard artist is mainly responsibly for the film’s unique visual style. Produced by media entrepreneur Sebastian Wolf, who started this project with the intent to revolutionize the German Horror Cinema and put it back on the global map by giving Ezra the chance to bring his extraordinary vision to the big screen.

Festival Awards:
Anatomy Crime and Horror Film Festival 2018
• Best Special Effects: all categories
Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2018
• Best Cult Classic movie

• Best horror movie
Horrorant Film Festival in 2018
• nominated as Best horror film


Sunday News: Nevsky Books, Skin Creepers 2019 kills all!
Sunday News: Nevsky Books, Skin Creepers 2019 kills all! 13

Skin Creepers and Books about Weightlifting abound! ALEXANDER NEVSKY, ACTION STARS AND THE GOLDEN AGE OF BODYBUILDING: 3 MORE REPS! book out now! Internati

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