“Never Break The Chain” is the sequel to Warburg’s last novel. While the last book was about brother, this one is about the ties that bond a family. It also dwells in grief and personal emotional underpinnings. While parts of the book suffer from comparisons to bigger Pop Culture touchpoints, the character construction is quite solid. Plus, it helps that the book skews on the shorter side.

Not everyone is going to find such a musical deep cut to be that interesting, but it will work for people that have a feel for this in their guts. I’d recommend it to the curious.


  • Jason Warburg
  • 190 pages
  • Wonder Wheel Publications


  • 91%
    Book Score - 91%

The Plot Thus Far

Set among the Malibu mansions and Hollywood rock clubs of California’s southland, Never Break the Chain finds Tim Green’s grief over the loss of his father spinning into an obsessive quest to track down the wayward mother who deserted him almost three decades before. It’s a journey that, like Believe in Me before it, sends Green venturing deep into the heart of the rock and roll jungle.

Opening a few months after the end of Believe in Me, Never Break the Chain lands Green in the oceanfront Malibu compound of British guitarist Blake Saunders, who’s just hired him to pen an authorized biography of his floundering, formerly-huge arena rock band. Even as the highly combustible Saunders’ son Mal—recently installed as the band’s new lead singer—and daughter Jane offer him distorted reflections of himself, Green’s efforts to retrace his mother’s steps through LA’s rock and roll underworld propel him toward a cathartic confrontation. The revelations to come challenge every answer he once thought he possessed to the most fundamental question of all: who is Tim Green?

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