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Netflix and other Streaming Choices in November 2021

7 Prisoners is now available from Netflix

7 Prisoners is the latest movie I checked out on Netflix. Don’t worry, I’m still watching through the ton of Netflix documentaries and related series that got sent my way. Rodrigo Santoro steals the show for me, as the guy running the scrap yard of doom. The notion of indentured servants as prisoners shouldn’t be that novel, but this Netflix drama highlights how capitalism makes slaves us all.

While not as in your face as City of God, 7 Prisoners has its own message to grind home. Our urban centers exploit the work of the youth to keep making things for a never-ending Capitalist society. Way to roll hard into Thanksgiving, Netflix.

Hanna: Season 3 is available from Amazon Video on November 24th

Netflix and other Streaming Choices in November 2021 1

Hanna returns for a third season. After seeing the movie and seeing the initial trailer for the TV series, I was shocked that they could mine this much material out of the premise. But, after finishing with the Netflix stuff, it was time to check in on Amazon.

While this season will drop right before Thanksgiving, I’d recommend everyone take the Holiday break to get caught up on the other seasons.

Burning debuts November 26th on Amazon Video

Netflix and other Streaming Choices in November 2021 3

Burning is about the Black Summer that plagued Australia from 2019-2020. Watching all of the wildlife burn and land get destroyed again is disheartening. But, what about Burning stands apart from the Netflix stuff we started watching? Well, this marks a rather sharp departure from the standard fare I check out on Amazon Video. I’m not that familiar with Eva Orner, but I’d like to see more of her work.

Set! starts streaming on Discovery+ on November 12th

Netflix and other Streaming Choices in November 2021 5

Set! is all about competitive table setting. I dig how Discovery Plus is all about showcasing this off-the-wall documentaries. While everything about this documentary is familiar, I do like seeing how the spark of competition drives different people. Given that this is the food holiday, it would be cool to see more people engaged with the doc.

The End of Blindness arrives on streaming on November 16th

Netflix and other Streaming Choices in November 2021 7

The End of Blindness is about Dr. Samuel Bora. Doctor Bora is the sole ophthalmologist in Ethiopia. Watching the man return sight to so many people is inspiring. But, a lot of the documentary is about what it takes to be a sole resource to an entire nation. I had the chance to interview the man, but I think it might have passed. Still, I’d recommend checking out the documentary if you have the moment.

Benedict Arnold: Hero Betrayed is now available on TVOD/EST including iTunes and Amazon on November 2, 2021

Benedict Arnold: Hero Betrayed shouldn’t annoy me as much as what I saw, but I’m a history nerd that draws strict lines in the sand. Benedict Arnold is a traitor that betrayed this nation out of a mix of pride and anger. It’s kinda funny that they got Martin Sheen to narrate this documentary, as that’s only going to make Right Wingers go nutty.

Throughout the documentary which isn’t on Netflix, you get to hear a few talking heads struggle to make excuses for his behavior. Honestly, it just made me wish that we got to execute him after the War. The Battle of Groton Heights was the source of the very first war crimes against Americans and Arnold got away with it. Put this on at Thanksgiving to make people get nutty after eating.

Swan Song and Mayday arrive on November 9th from Magnolia

Swan Song is peak older Udo Kier. Todd Stephens who helmed the underrated Gypsy 83 cuts together a story about culture clash within the gay community, as its older pioneers come to terms with an era that has accepted them into the mainstream. Sure, many in small town America have their reservations, but the flamboyant old styles just feel like mugging for attention now.

Linda Evans has a surprise supporting turn and Jennifer Coolidge kills it as always. Check this one out.

Mayday is a beautiful movie that works on the nutty premise of a never-ending girl army committed to War. There is this siren mythic style look at how the girls are there to lure men to their deaths. I’ve read that some see the movie as a fantasy on the ambiguity of suicide. Honestly, I didn’t care. I just loved watching the movie for its sheer visual appeal.

Stratton Castle: Tale of Jessie Golden Heart arrives on November 9th from Indican

Stratton Castle: Tale of Jessie Golden Heart took me no less than four viewings. I watched my screener copy, then I kept thinking the movie was on Netflix. I feel like I want to do something longer about this movie, but damn if it’s not the oddest thing I ever watched. It feels like a Hallmark Channel movie tried to do Jane Eyre and then lost the script halfway through it. If you’re looking for an odd film this Holiday season, pick it up.

ABC NEWS | 3212 UN-REDACTED premieres on November 11th on HULU

Unredacted Hulu Netflix documentary streaming November 2021

3212 UN-REDACTED is the documentary that got this whole piece started. I watched it about 2 weeks ago and now I’m trying to put a pin in my thoughts. Hulu is starting to beat up on Netflix with these documentaries, but something is missing here. While I appreciate having a documentary about how disgraced former US Leader Donald Trump botched the Niger mission, ABC News and director Epstein hit a weird place.

While the Right wing has been spouting the Benghazi fantasies for almost a decade now, the Niger case gets handled in such an odd pattern. The documentary focuses a little too hard on the actual actions and then intercuts it weird back to the Department of Defense just utterly lying and botching the job on future Trivial Pursuit answer Donald Trump’s command.

Check it out and see what you think. It’s sure to make people go crazy during the Holidays.

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Netflix and other Streaming Choices in November 2021


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