NECA celebrates Creepshow turning 40 with The Creep


I love Creepshow and The Creep. There is a part of me that would just stop here and say look at the Creepshow 40th Anniversary figure from NECA.

NECA celebrates Creepshow turning 40 with The Creep 2

But, that would make Ari awaken and destroy downtown Tokyo. So, we’ve got to feed his toy news need. So, when I talk about these things, I tend to include the details he would want to hear.

The figure comes with 25 points of articulation and it stands slightly over 7 inches tall. Plus, it comes with a collectible box with a window to watch your inanimate The Creep figure be creepy.

You even get pumpkin, candle and Creepshow comic book props. If that wasn’t enough, there are interchangeable heads and a nice fabric robe thing to wrap around your new precious.

Honestly, isn’t it a little weird to think about how a late 1982 George A. Romero movie has an action figure now? What’s next? The Amusement Park gets a board game? Dear Lord, I want that now. Not sure if that would be a Mondo thing or if NECA could help out with that.

Make it happen movie merchandise people. It’s totally awesome.

NECA celebrates Creepshow turning 40 with The Creep 4

Preorder The Creep here!

NECA celebrates Creepshow with The Creep toys!

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