Nash Bridges is a celebrated veteran police officer and head of the SIU department of the San Francisco police.. With his best friend and partner for life Joe Dominguez, and his loyal crew of law enforcement, they’re the best of the best in taking down the crime that plagues the city. From powerful people of immense wealth right on down to scum at the bottom of the ladder, Bridges will take them down in his lifelong devotion to the law. But aside from his professional exploits, he’s a divorced single father with a young adult daughter ahead of her time, a father whose attitude refuses to confine himself to a nursing home, and relationships that never quite solidify because of his career.


Nash has an interesting family life as well. A teenage daughter from his first marriage, his second wife still wants him, his Father won’t stay in the nursing home and would rather stay with Nash. The family stuff blends well in the show and keeps it from being too hard boiled. The show ran for six seasons and by season two the show had really found it’s sea legs. When I was first married we would watch it with my in laws on Friday nights and it was something we loved doing together. Groaning at the bad puns and calling people Bubba right along with Nash.

Some of the story lines and situations of this series echo Johnson’s previous hit, ‘Miami Vice’. While the color palette is more varied there is the same ‘in your face’ attitude. This is established right from the start. In the first scene of the first episode Bridges is undercover. To prove he is not a cop he is told to cut a rope that is holding a police detective over a highway. He swings the blade a couple of times but it is too dull. He then walks away from the deal only to be called back by the crooks. This is an older and more mature Sonny Crockett but he still has the nerve and attitude for the street. In this show though the deal may be for stolen computer chips instead of drugs but the action is still there.

The DVD is more of the same from the first season. The episodes seem the same, the A/V Quality is the same and so is the lack of any special features. A brief look at a writers’ roundtable isn’t special and doesn’t win over any new fans. The commentaries that were obtained from Carlton Cuse were nice, but I’d rather hear him talk about LOST. This is a decent rental, but I don’t understand why anyone would feel the need to make a purchase. 
RELEASE DATE: 03/03/09

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