Narcos: Season Three 5

Narcos enters season three with a focus on the Cali Cartel. It’s been months since Escobar has died and now the DEA is focusing on the last of the Colombian cartels. What makes this season so amazing is how Pena seemingly knows he is messing up. By focusing on cleaning up the last of the cartels, the drug focus eventually moves to Mexico. It feels weird to see such drug focus being away from Mexico, but this season takes place in 1993-1994.

However, the show loses its focus a touch. The lack of a clearly defined villain invites ambiguity. Some shows can handle that, but others will struggle when put to the fight. I feel that Netflix could turn this around next season, but I’m not sure. Mexico could invite a new look into the drug war. However, I feel a lot of the approach needs to change. If you choose to go down a certain venue with Narcos, it might invite some troublesome parallels.


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