Einhorn is in his late 30s, and according to his biographical paragraph, he lives in Manhattan and works as a photographer, videographer, editor and comedian.

The second season of “Naked Happy Girls” takes Einhorn to the urban wilds of San Francisco where he finds a wide variety of girls and celebs to chat up. Bringing the beauty of his two books “Naked Happy Girls” and “Bubble Bath Girls” to the small screen opens up a new audience to Einhorn’s work. Let’s take a look at four episodes from the San Francisco season.



The four episodes that were compiled for the press screening were interesting. You get a lot of time spent on photographer Andrew Einhorn as he spends most of the first episode explaining how the second season is going to run. Half travelogue / half art piece, we find Einhorn exploring San Francisco with a deft hand. Interviews with Sammy Hagar and “Downtown” Willie Brown dominate the first episode. This can lead to some problems with typical Playboy viewers.




That’s why I must stress that “Naked Happy Girls” is a show first, with the girls as the final incentive for watching. The unique structure that Einhorn brings the program is interesting and goes a long way to helping to mainstream Playboy to regular cable line-up. Taking aesthetic cues from proper photography and Super-8 film play, we get something beautiful. That’s why I’m sorry to tell some of the readers that they can save their Jergens and Kleenex for the harder titles.


Somewhere around the third episode, I started to fall into a similar trap. I was getting burned out on Einhorn. I’m not a big fan as the artist as central figure, but that’s the bitch of working in television. You’ve got to have a faceman and Einhorn gets pushed into the position. Then, there’s the Margaret Cho interviews that made me wonder if Playboy was forcing the interviews on Einhorn. Setting up some background on the city helps, but we don’t need an interview from every asshole that lives within a city block of the shoot.


I look forward to see what’s coming up for “Naked Happy Girls”. Hell, I look forward to the plans for a season in Miami. There’s a huge amount of potential in the show and I wish that Playboy or other premium cable outlets would take advantage of what this kind of programming has to offer. We’ll be having an interview with Andrew Einhorn appearing soon on the site. If you’d like to know more about the show, hopefully that will answers your questions.



Naked Happy Girls
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