“Mystery Science Theater 3000” is the show that enabled so many nerds to talk through shit they didn’t like. If I had a surface-to-air missile, I would’ve blasted that Satellite out of space a long time ago. This collection of Crown International movies getting riffed on has been Out of Print for awhile. But, the guys at Shout Factory know that nerds hold onto nostalgia like a Confederate War Widow, so it’s back in circulation. The films featured are Catalina Caper, Bloodlust, The Creeping Terror and The Skydivers.

Joel, Mike, Tom Servo, Crow, Mr. Bulldops, That Guy and the other guy are here to entertain your demands for nerd entertainment during the Holidays. This set seems a little cleaner, but I’m not sure how much the material could’ve been upgraded. It’s not like the show was shot on high quality material. Also, what’s up with dropping the mini posters inside the case?

The DVD comes with extended trailers, featurettes and other movie material as the special features. The A/V Quality is slightly better than the original release. But, if you’re this much of a fan…you should know what you’re getting by now. It’s nice to see fan material like this getting a re-release, but I wouldn’t hedge my bets on being a permanent thing. After all, there can’t be this much demand to keep recycling old material?

Release Date: 9/1/15

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