“My Little Pony Tales” was a show that ran in 1992 that put the Ponies into a modern setting. By modern, I mean it looked like 1987, but was supposed to be in the early 90s. The show was gone in a matter of months and I never hear any Bronies talking up the show. I guess that’s because it aimed at a slightly older target audience. Plus, there wasn’t a ton of humor to the series.

I was not familiar with this iteration, but what I saw was indicative of forgettable syndication animation of the era. It felt cookie cutter and paid lip service to the source material. The series only lasted for 13 episodes, but you get 26 adventures. So, I guess they chose to follow the Adult Swim model. Take what you can get, people.

The DVD comes with sing-alongs as the special features. The A/V Quality works for what it is. I wish that the transfer was a little sharper. Still, the Dolby track makes up the difference. In the end, it works for a show of its age.

Release Date: 04/28/15

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