MVD/FILMRISE presents many Films (Narrative and Documentary) REVIEWED

Women Who Kill – A narrative film about two lesbian podcasters defying their Liberal backgrounds and willingly solving crimes. Somehow, this involves solving a murder at Food Coop. If it was any more progressive, it would be harassing you at Whole Foods.

I Am Another You – A Chinese filmmaker follows a young drifter, as this person lost on the wind challenges her views of America. The film plays super short, but it also stays intimate and very heartbreaking.

The Man Who Saw Too Much – A Mexican crime scene photographer finds his niche documenting the worse moments in several lives. Watch as a morbid fascination with death leads to a decades’ long career.

Free and Easy – This one isn’t a documentary. But, it does show how soap sales in rural China can lead to crime. It’s funny with dark aspects, but it works pretty well.

SuperGirl – Naomi Kutin is becoming the world’s youngest power lifter. Health and religious issues are distracting her, so what’s a young lady to do? Out of all the documentaries, it’s the one that stuck with me.

24×36 – Documentaries rarely get to hit my pleasure area. Watching these key poster artists talk about their work is amazing. Few documentaries rarely capture the power of the process, but it excels here. For some reason, I thought there was a Blu release of this movie.

The Drew: No Excuse, Just Produce – The Drew League started in the 1970s, as street ball took off. Today, Lebron and many people in Uncle Drew appear to talk about their love of the game. It’s a fun documentary, but it could’ve been better served by a 30 on 30.

I Dream in Another Language – What can be done when a language is about to go extinct? Watch as the last two native speakers of a nearly dead dialect are kept alive and brought out of their element to save their tongue. Fascinating concept, but I’m not sure if it’s enough for a movie.

Don’t Swallow My Heart, Alligator Girl! – I didn’t know there was trouble between Brazil and Paraguay. I love a good story about star-crossed lovers. However, it feels pretty alien to me outside of the base concept.


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The Plot Thus Far

Here’s a quick breakdown of the docs.


What drives someone to pursue scenes of death and suffering? From the age of nine, avid cinephile Enrique Metinides was photographing corpses in the street. Despite his age, this passion soon landed him a job in the tabloids, where he was given license to follow his morbid obsession. Through his work we explore Mexico City, as seen through the prism of its crime scenes, and delve into the human fascination with the macabre.


When a traveling soap salesman arrives in a desolate Chinese town, a crime occurs, and sets the strange residents against each other with tragicomic results.

The rest are an exciting mix of docs and narratives you can find on Amazon and beyond!

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