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MVD Entertainment Group Revitalizes Richard Shepard’s The Linguini Incident with a Star-Studded Cast

MVD Entertainment Group is thrilled to announce the acquisition of North American rights to “The Linguini Incident,” a film that marks the directorial debut of Emmy-winning Richard Shepard, known for his acclaimed work on “The Matador,” “Dom Hemingway,” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.” The film features an impressive ensemble cast including rock icon David Bowie, Rosanna Arquette, Academy Award® winner Marlee Matlin, Buck Henry, Eszter Balint, Andre Gregory, Viveca Lindfors, James Avery, and Maura Tierney.

MVD Entertainment Group Revitalizes Richard Shepard’s The Linguini Incident with a Star-Studded Cast 1

Set for a limited theatrical release, followed by availability on digital platforms, video on demand, and physical media in the summer of 2024, “The Linguini Incident” is part of MVD’s prestigious Marquee Collection. This romantic caper comedy tells the story of Lucy (Arquette), a waitress, and Monte (Bowie), a bartender with a charming presence and a looming debt. Faced with their respective financial crises, they, along with Lucy’s friend Viv (Balint), attempt a daring robbery of their trendy New York City restaurant, only to discover that their criminal skills are as lacking as their finances.

Originally premiered in spring 1992, Shepard, alongside producer Sarah Jackson, has reclaimed and meticulously restored the film in 4K, introducing a director’s cut that promises a fresh experience for both new audiences and longtime fans. Shepard expresses his excitement about the re-release, highlighting the opportunity for a new generation to enjoy this unique film, especially fans of Bowie, Arquette, and early ’90s indie cinema.

Eric D. Wilkinson, Director of Acquisitions at MVD, shared his enthusiasm for reintroducing Shepard’s work, emphasizing the film’s status as an underrated masterpiece and expressing his honor in bringing this restored version to audiences under the Marquee Collection.

The re-release of “The Linguini Incident” not only showcases the collaborative effort between the filmmakers and MVD but also underscores Richard Shepard’s significant impact on both film and television.

With a career spanning impactful projects from “Ugly Betty” to “Girls,” and contributions to series like “Criminal Minds” and “Acapulco,” Shepard’s directorial prowess continues to resonate across the entertainment industry.

This partnership between MVD and the filmmakers, facilitated by producer Sarah Jackson and Lawrence Kopeikin, Esq., represents a significant moment for cinema enthusiasts, offering a chance to revisit a distinctive piece of film history enriched with a director’s cut that shines a new light on the talents of its stellar cast and visionary director.

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