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Director: Gordon Price
Writers: Gordon Price
Cast: Dave Meadows, Gordon Price, Wendy Dillard, Frank Bliss
Studio: Chapter 11 Films

“Music Store Massacre” is about what happens when you can’t take the shit of the world anymore. Reverend Smith is disgusted by the sins and inequities of man, but he’s got a plan. That’s to kill some people. Unfortunately, he’s dead and his spirit seemingly lives on in a guitar that continues to claim lives. Now, it’s in the possession of a music store owner who is on the run following the latest string of possession murders. Can a lone detective solve the case or will he fall victim to the guitar?

There are only two people that have watched more amateur/low budget horror than me. But, Joe Bob Briggs and Roger Corman couldn’t be here. That being said, I have recently talked a great deal about how possession movies are such a bitch to make. You’re always a hair away from saying that the Devil Made Me Do It and then going about standard horror. However, Gordon Price plays with convention and the limited amount of found sets. It’s a horror film that feels real, even when you have a few neophyte actors seemingly breaking character.

The cast is a mixed bag, but the acting holds up. Not everyone sounds like they went to Yale Drama School in real life, so the low key diction adds something to the overall aesthetic. While the plot is a case of been there and seen that, I’ve got to say that I liked what I saw. While it won’t be the first movie I grab, I can see myself watching it again and again. One of the social media crew told me that the movie is on YouTube, so you can check it out on there. Honestly, I hope that most of you take the time to give it a shot.

RELEASE DATE: 06/27/2014

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