Music Box Films Announces New Label: Doppelganger Releasing


Music Box Films announces the acquisition of the Cairnes Brothers’ 2012 horror-comedy   100 BLOODY ACRES , the debut film on Music Box Films’ new imprint,   Doppelgänger Releasing . Initiating the company’s expansion,   Doppelgänger Releasing   will focus on genre titles and their rollout across all distribution platforms including theatrical, DVD, and digital outlets.

The feature debut of Australian filmmaking brothers, Colin and Cameron Cairnes,   100 BLOODY ACRES   tells the twisted tale of an organic fertilizer business that experiences increased sales when its owners stumble across a “secret ingredient”—one that’s processed through a meat grinder—that   really   helps their fertilizer to fertilize! Following its premiere at the 2012 Melbourne International Film Festival, Variety described   100 BLOODY ACRES   as “ a gory and funny riff on the trusty standby of city kids being menaced by rural types…pumping fresh juice into the formula by way of villains driven by economic imperatives rather than bloodlust, and victims more concerned with work shopping relationship issues than escaping certain death .”

“Music Box Films has eclectic taste and   Doppelgänger Releasing   gives us another avenue to express the full range of our cinematic interests,” commented Ed Arentz, Managing Partner of Music Box Films.

Along with   100 BLOODY ACRES ,   Doppelgänger Releasing ’s initial 2013 slate will include   EDDIE: THE SLEEPWALKING CANNIBAL ,   a comedy-horror outing from Denmark about a once-famous, struggling painter who receives a fresh shot of inspiration when he begins living with a sleepwalking cannibal. The 2012 film stars Danish leading man Thure Lindhardt, who recently received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Actor in Music Box Films’ acclaimed drama   KEEP THE LIGHTS ON   by Ira Sachs.

Spring, 2013 releases are slated for both titles.

About Music Box Films

Founded in 2007, Music Box Films has quickly established itself as one of the leading US art house film distributors in theaters and home entertainment platforms. Past releases include the film adaptations of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy of international mega selling novels; the first in the series,   The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo   – with over $10 million at the U.S. box office – was one the most popular international releases of the decade. Recent releases include   The Deep Blue Sea , starring Rachel Weisz in a Golden Globe-nominated performance; foreign-language Academy Award nominee   Monsieur Lazhar ; documentary profile of a performance art superstar   Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present ; and Ira Sachs’ acclaimed drama   Keep The Lights On .

Music Box Films is independently owned and operated by the Southport Music Box Corporation, which also owns and operates The Music Box Theatre, Chicago’s premiere venue for independent and foreign films.

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