MTV’s New Vampire Series: Valemont starts tomorrow

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MTV and Verizon are sinking their teeth into the vampire craze with the new series “Valemont.” Starring Kristen Hager, Eric Balfour and Nikki Blonsky, the show follows a girl on the quest to find her brother who has disappeared at the mysterious Valemont University. She’ll soon discover that Valemont is a school within a school where vampires come to practice restraint and learn from humans what is socially acceptable.

“Valemont” begins tomorrow with two-and-a-half minute episodes airing on MTV before “The Hills” at 10PM and immediately following “The City” a half hour later. The first several episodes of “Valemont” will be presented on air and the rest of the series will be shown online at Viewers can also access the show through Verizon’s V CAST service by texting VU to 66333 from a Verizon Wireless phone.


You can help the protagonist, Sophie, search for the truth by “applying” to Valemont ( where you will get an inside look at the mysterious campus and its students. You can also participate by communicating directly with VU students (and super-hot vampires) themselves on Twitter, but be careful what you say. You never know who you can really trust.

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