MTV’s New Series: Valemont starts on September 29th

Valemont University is an exclusive college for the young, beautiful future leaders of the world.  
On the surface, Valemont is like any other University, but something is different, something is strange… especially with the students.

Our eyes into this mysterious and dangerous world belong to Sophie Gracen. On the surface, Sophie appears to be just another privileged student on a campus teeming with wealth, attitude and beauty. But Sophie has a secret. Orphaned at fifteen when her parents were killed in a car crash, she has run away from every foster home she has been sent to. Living a life of petty street crime, she has developed a keen sense of survival. Now her life is at a crossroads. Is she going to continue down the path of crime or is she going to pull herself together and do something with her life?

This is when she is contacted by the police and told they may have located her missing brother…

Sophie is informed by the police that their attempts to identify Eric’s body have been inconclusive — but they found several personal effects that belong to Eric on the body. Sophie is not convinced that this is the end of the story, and while a police detective’s back is turned, she steals Eric’s phone.

Not convinced that her brother’s murder is entirely solved, Sophie discovers that Eric was enrolled in the elite college Valemont. She also realizes there is no way she can get into this fancy university, but she manages to steal a female student’s identity and enroll. This is her only chance at discovering what really happened to the last family member she had left.

And so begins our fish out of water story, as Sophie slowly pieces together Eric’s life at Valemont — and a mystery she is not prepared to uncover…

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