MTV (Is On) Spring Break 2009

So this year, as we’re getting ready to head to the beach, we’re bringing you the “Cliff’s Notes” version of “MTV Spring Break 2009.” No worries — we’re still giving you everything you need to know about this year’s hottest events and programming. And, trust us — it’s going to be one of the BIGGEST Spring Breaks ever, packed with kick-ass musical performances across all of our channels by some of the hottest artists, and even a chance to win $20,000 toward college tuition for winning the USA Rock Paper Scissors College ChAMPionship!

    MTV Spring Break '09
-- Panama City Beach, AGAIN!! (Ultimate. Party.)
-- MORE performances than EVER (can't find 'em anywhere else):
-- LIL WAYNE -- Rock. Yes, more ROCK.
-- THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS -- Gives you one hell of a session.
-- FLO RIDA -- Right back round in PCB for a second year in a
-- ASHER ROTH -- We love college too. That crowd surfing incident
at the '08 mtvU Woodie Awards seems like yesterday. And, new
-- JIM JONES -- Keep it from raining, weatherman. Mix it up with
Asher a bit too.
-- 3OH!3 -- Do trust us... it will be a party!
-- Cross channel, hello: MTV, mtvU, MTV2, MTV Tr3s, MTV Hits, MTV Jams,
and That's right, we'll all be down there. And we're all
bringing you exclusive Spring Break performances.


-- Spring Break FNMTV Special -- Want to have an FN good time? And hear
some FN good music? Hour-long Spring Break survival guide packed with
music performances and interviews you won't see anywhere else, along
with some party-aid advice from the stars (who know how to have a good
time) as they tour PCB. From the pool, host Tyson Ritter (The
All-America Rejects!) hangs with all the Spring Break artists, cranks
out beach performances, and crowns the King and Queen of Spring Break.
Watch it: MTV: premieres Friday March 27th at 8pm.
-- Wasted Memories -- New reality-based game show follows groups of guys
and girls living it up at Spring Break. But, how much of their Spring
Break will they remember? Will their trip be a bunch of "wasted
memories"? Watch it: MTV: Saturday March 28th at 2pm and 2:30pm.
-- USA Rock Paper Scissors College ChAMPionship (Get ready to throw
down!) -- $20,000 toward college tuition from AMP Energy for the top
co-ed.(Thank you USA Rock Paper Scissors League). Watch it: mtvU: on
Tuesday March 24th and Tuesday March 31st at 11am.
-- MtvU -- music. Oh yeah, and some more music. 16 performances on-air, 8
Spring Break artists, more exclusive performances on Watch
it: week 1 performances premiere Monday March 23rd, week 2
performances Monday March 30th.
-- Sucker Free (at PCB) -- Dirty and hip-hop artists host. Hip-hop videos
and live performances (Flo Rida, Asher Roth, Jim Jones, and more.)
Watch it: MTV2: 4pm - 5pm, 8pm - 9pm, Monday March 23rd through
Thursday March 26th; 12pm on Sunday March 29th. MTV Jams: 1pm, 9pm,
5am, Tuesday March 24th through Monday March 30th.
-- Rock the Deuce -- Co-hosted by Dirty and rockin' celebs. Packed with
music videos and live performances. Lil Wayne, The All-American
Rejects, 3OH!3 and more. Watch it: MTV2: 9am - 10am, 4am - 5am, Monday
March 23rd through Thursday March 26th; 1am on Sunday March 29th.
-- Artists Hitlist -- Hottest MTV videos selected by artists + live
Spring Break performances. Watch it: On MTV Hits, all day long and all
week long!

Awesome MTV Spring Break ’09 sponsors: AMP Energy, Tampax Pearl, Hooters, KGB, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Brothers Pictures.

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