Two beloved holiday entertainment programs come to DVD for the first time in PAT BOONE AND FAMILY: CHRISTMAS & THANKSGIVING SPECIALS. Pat, one of the top ten recording artists of all time, brings us into his home to be entertained by him, his four singing daughters – Debby, Cherry, Lindy and Laurie – and his wife Shirley in these music and comedy specials that first aired on ABC in 1978 and 1979.
The Christmas show includes classic holiday songs and comedic moments with the hyper-charged Hudson Brothers plus stars from ABC’s Three’s Company, Happy Days and The Love Boat, as well as appearances by songbirds Dinah Shore and Rosemary Clooney. The Thanksgiving special features Bob Hope and the Hudson Brothers, who join the Boone girls for a disco dance floor showcase. Among the heart-warming songs performed by Pat, Debby and the sisters are “Can’t Smile Without You,” “You Needed Me” and “Bless This House.” The DVD is packed with bonus material, including “The Pat Boone Family – Christmas in Bethlehem,” Christmas carols and a Boone family photo album.
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