“Mother, May I Sleep With Danger” gets the double feature treatment. While the original Lifetime TV movie became a cult favorite, the James Franco re-imagining shows how much modern culture poisons everything. What should’ve been a TV movie that had been long forgotten became a thing of nostalgic fascination. It’s how Schezuan sauce got regurgitated onto the public and people started wearing fanny packs again. People are obsessed with reliving things they missed.

It’s irony for the sake of clamoring onto bandwagons that barely existed. From there, James Franco tried to put his spin on it. What resulted was a Mother May I Sleep with Danger kicked up a notch. But, how do you keep adding onto things sullied by basic cable and nostalgic leeches? It’s a fascinating double feature, but it still remains a trifle. Do with that what you will.


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The Plot Thus Far

Mother May I Sleep With Danger (1996) – Color – 1 Hour 25 Minutes

Tori Spelling (TV s Beverly Hills, 90210) and Ivan Sergei (The Opposite of Sex) star in this edge-of-your-seat thriller about a woman who falls in love with a charming college classmate, only to discover he’s a deadly psychopath. When Laurel (Spelling), a compulsive and highly disciplined overachiever, meets the handsome and charming Kevin Shane at college, she quickly falls in love without knowing anything about his true identity or past. Struggling to break free from her meddling mother, Laurel becomes deeply involved with Kevin, but as their whirlwind relationship intensifies, she begins to see how Kevin’s extreme passion and smothering affection are isolating her from her friends. When Laurel decides to break off their romance, Kevin is determined to hold onto her at any cost, and it s up to Laurel s mother, in a desperate race against time, to save her daughter before it s too late.

Mother May I Sleep With Danger (2016) – Color – 1 Hour 25 Minutes

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the cult classic, Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?, this remake of the classic TV movie stars James Franco and reunites Tori Spelling (True Tori) and Ivan Sergei (Jack and Jill) from the original film and also features Leila George (The Long Home), Emily Meade (Broad City) and Nick Eversman (Wild). With a story by Franco, this updated classic features a vampire love story that brings a whole new meaning to sleeping with danger.

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