Mother, May I? – A Spine-Chilling Thriller Arriving Soon

Mother, May I? - A Spine-Chilling Thriller Arriving Soon 17

Prepare for a spine-chilling journey into the realm of psychological horror with the new movie “Mother, May I?”. Directed and written by Laurence Vannicelli, and starring the talented duo, Kyle Gallner and Holland Roden, this movie promises to leave you questioning the reality of what you see. Set to hit theaters and Video On Demand (VOD) services on July 21st, it’s a thriller you won’t want to miss.

A Breakthrough in Mind-Bending Horror

“Mother, May I?” stands out as the debut feature from Laurence Vannicelli, representing a significant breakthrough in the genre of mind-bending horror. The movie invites viewers into the world of Emmett (Kyle Gallner) and Anya (Holland Roden), who suddenly inherit Emmett’s estranged mother’s house following her death.

While going through her belongings, Emmett notices a disturbing change in Anya. She starts to act more and more like his deceased mother, leaving Emmett to question whether she’s using this as a tactic to make him face his traumatic past or if she’s genuinely possessed by his mother’s spirit. The cast is complemented by Chris Mulkey, known for his work in “Twin Peaks”.

Premiere Locations & VOD Availability

“Mother, May I?” will premiere in select cities, including:

  • Los Angeles at the Laemmle Glendale
  • New York City at the Quad Cinema (one-night special)
  • Albuquerque at the Guild Cinema

Additionally, fans nationwide will be able to catch this chilling tale across all major digital platforms starting on July 21st.

Mother, May I? - A Spine-Chilling Thriller Arriving Soon 19

Unraveling the Intriguing Plot

The official film synopsis paints a thrilling picture. Emmett aims to quickly clean and sell his late mother’s house, intending to avoid any residual trauma from her abandonment of him as a child. Anya, his fiancé, sees this as a chance to help Emmett confront his past, believing his unresolved issues are preventing him from being the partner she desires.

In an unexpected twist, she convinces him to take mushrooms in the hope of loosening his emotional grip. However, during their trip, Anya starts to behave like Emmett’s mother. Even after the effects wear off, she continues the act, leaving Emmett questioning if this is a game or if his mother’s spirit truly possesses Anya.

Mother, May I is a Laurence Vannicelli Creation

“Mother, May I?” is a product of the creative mind of Laurence Vannicelli, supported by producers Dane Eckerle and Daniel Brandt. This psychological thriller hailing from the United States is distributed by Dark Sky Films. Presented in English, it invites viewers on a chilling exploration of psychological hauntings and their lasting impact. Be sure to catch “Mother, May I?” when it debuts this July!

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