“Mosaic” is Soderbergh’s first big TV project since “The Knick”. While the auteur has always been inventive, he rolls the dice hard on many concepts here. Specifically, he wants to reinvent the murder mystery. But, by forgoing the work that comes with a traditional narrative, he spends six episodes throwing every aspect of the case at the audience. The individual viewer has to piece it together and make sense of who murdered Sharon Stone.

That is asking a lot…even for a HBO series. The effort took me three viewings and I feel it’s why the show didn’t get that hot of a response from the general audience. While people like to feel smart, they don’t want to work for it that hard in their entertainment. Hell, even LA Noire didn’t set the video game world on fire. In a medium that isn’t super interactive, why put that burden on viewers? I’m not saying it wasn’t a cool idea, it just didn’t work.

What also got hurt by the concept was the individual performances. On my second viewing, I finally noticed Paul Reubens. He did a bang-up job, but he loses focus when you’re busy trying to solve the series rather than enjoy it. Oh well, it was still a worthy experience.


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The Plot Thus Far

A whodunit based on the murder of popular children’s book author and illustrator Olivia Lake.


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