Moonfleet: Pirates Fritz Lang Style! [Review]

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Moonfleet isn’t Sci-Fi, it’s a pirate movie. Those movies existed when vaccines and women as political leaders was considered far-fetched. But, didn’t pirate movies go out with Tyrone Power and Errol Flynn? Do any of you remember those guys?

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Fritz Lang was such an oddball director. His American work was hit and miss with this film coming out soon after The Big Heat. Yet, the film was bizarre as hell. The source novel wasn’t made available in America until 4 years prior to the film’s release. That spurred John Houseman to dive on the film and produce it for an audience that had started to grow beyond these movies. The film would go on to lose about a million dollars in the long run and soured a lot of the studios on giving Lang bigger films.

Warner Archive continues to release the films that 90 year olds like me enjoy. I joke, but it’s a semi Get Out style thing going on. Burying that, I want to talk about the A/V Quality. The 1080p transfer makes that Cinemascope three-strip shine liked a diamond. Plus, the DTS-HD 2.0 MONO holds up to the Warner Archive kind of quality I expected. I’d recommend it.

Moonfleet is available now!

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