Directors: Andrew and Jon Erwin
Writers: Jon Erwin and Andrea Nasfell
Cast: Sara Drew, Sean Astin, Trace Adkins, Patricia Heaton and Andrea Logan White
Studio: Tristar Pictures

“Moms’ Night Out” isn’t a film that was targeted at my demo. I get that. But, I watch a ton of movies not targeted at my demo and they can still function as solid narratives. Well, most of them. This is a film that plays like a pseudo Christian targeted production by way of a Mommy Blogger focus group. There’s nothing going on here that warrants any attention, but you get a ton of tired television actors trying to prove some sort of cinematic worth. For the guys, you get equal representation between Sean Astin and Trace Adkins. Rudy plays a half-wit while Trace Adkins is a biker.

The family comedy has taken such a weird path over the last few decades. It went from general audience entertainment to kid fare to winking broad comedy and now it’s just an extended sitcom episode. A few early reviewers have made a big deal out of the Christian nature of this movie. If being Christian means having Patricia Heaton whine about stupid bullshit for a third of the film and then having people not swear; then count me out. It’s not as though I was big on the mythology.

There is something so sneaky and underhanded about this film. When it slips something in, the film does in a way that it wants to bait you into a zany setup and then clobbers you over the head with the laziest preachy bullshit that you can stand. I’d punch a hole in the screen if I wasn’t surrounded by mommy bloggers with sharp SWAG stuffed into their cheese stained paws. Seriously, ladies. If this is what you’ve got to identify with, then hop off the rollercoaster of life.

RELEASE DATE: 05/09/2014

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