Major League Baseball Series Come to DVD this Spring

Major League Baseball Series Come to DVD this Spring 1

Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Major League Baseball, has announced the release of 33 manufacture-on-demand DVD releases highlighting some of baseball’s finest moments from acclaimed series Prime 9, Baseball’s Seasons and Cathedrals of the Game as seen on MLB Network.


Featuring a variety of immersive Major League Baseball content for home entertainment, each release will be available to consumers for purchase on and other select online retailers.


Prime 9 is the acclaimed countdown show that ranks the best of the best – both on and off the baseball field. Prime 9 counts down the nine best in each category from Postseason Catches to Pitcher Nicknames. Depending on your view, Prime 9 will either settle the debate or provoke more discussion. Each disc contains three episodes of the series.


With Baseball’s Seasons, fans can relive some of baseball’s most memorable seasons and chronicle the events that made each of them great. Each disc contains an episode chronicling a specific baseball season.


Cathedrals of the Game releases consist of documentaries looking at the history of some of the greatest ballparks of all time including Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park and more.


Shout! Factory and Major League Baseball have previously partnered to distribute annual World Series products for the home entertainment marketplace, with the most recent being THE 2016 WORLD SERIES: CHICAGO CUBS (a documentary film) and  THE 2016 WORLD SERIES COLLECTOR’S EDITION: Chicago Cubs

(a full set of complete game broadcasts).


Complete List of DVD Releases:



  • Prime 9: First Basemen. Shortstops. Third Baseman.
  • Prime 9: Centerfielders. Right Fielders. Left Fielders.
  • Prime 9: Players of the 50s. Players of the 1960s. Players of the 70s.
  • Prime 9: Gaffes.  Bloopers. Animal Nicknames.
  • Prime 9:  Unique Pitching Deliveries. Pitcher Nicknames. Pitching Rotations.
  • Prime 9: Greatest Designated Hitters.  Pinch Hitters. Clutch Hitters.
  • Prime 9: Unique Uniforms. Unique In-Game Feats. Cinderella Seasons.
  • Prime 9: Greatest Ballparks.  Broadcasters. One-Sided Trades.
  • Prime 9: Catchers. Managers.  Closers
  • Prime 9: Postseason Catches. LCS Games.  Rookie Seasons.
  • Prime 9: What Could Have Beens. Players Not in the Hall of Fame. Characters of the Game.
  • Prime 9: Players of the 80’s by position. Left Handed Starters. Base Stealers.
  • Prime 9: Infields. Greatest Outfield Arms. Double Play Combos.




  • Baseball’s Seasons: 1959
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 1961
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 1965
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 1967
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 1968
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 1969
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 1975
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 1977
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 1979
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 1990
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 1993
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 1995
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 2000
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 2001
  • Baseball’s Seasons: 2004



  • Cathedrals of the Game: Camden Yards
  • Cathedrals of the Game: Dodger Stadium
  • Cathedrals of the Game: Fenway Park
  • Cathedrals of the Game: Wrigley Field
  • Cathedrals of the Game: Yankee Stadium

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