Recorded two months prior to his death, the album contains nearly 40 minutes of previously unreleased stand-up material. The CD captures most of the material Hedberg was working on for what would have been his next full-length album in a free-form show with a large amount of audience interaction. The album pulses with Hedberg’s inimitable wit and spirit and is a document of a comedy master.

Mitch Hedberg was one of the most beloved comedians and world renown for his off-kilter one-liners and inimitable style. He died in March of 2005 with nearly an album’s worth of new material he was preparing to record later that October. While he never got a chance to record the album as he wanted, “Do You Believe In Gosh?” was taped live just prior to his passing and captures a large portion of his new jokes.



Mitch Hedberg is presents in his final days. Two months before his young death, he recorded a show that is being presented to you for the first time. You had better enjoy this. Outside of Nick Swardson, nobody’s funny anymore. That’s why you can kick back and listen to tales of Were-Cows. Tales of hotels that allow for you to rip off NASA. All sorts of great shit wrapped up in an odd package.




1. The Improv Fairy Tale
2. Door Deal
3. Hot Air Balloon
4. Headless Horseman
5. Hotels and Beds
6. Phil
7. Restaurants
8. Texas and Sea Food
9. Tea Ski

10. Canal Smarts

11. The Vacuumist

12. Belt

13. Soda Pop


The last time I was at a restaurant, I saw a dude that looked like me eating what I was going to order. Coming from the midpoint of the album, “Restaurants” reinforces why Hedburg was a genius. Taking cues from the 1970s antics of Steve Martin and playing them off the Postmodern dead-pan delivery of Steven Wright, Mitch found something special. He references everything from Medusa to the political nature of Texas Toast. To know his material is to love him, but what really does it on this release?

Highlights of the album include a bit about movies being inspired by a true story. If you saw something about a woman murdering her kids, would it inspire you to write a movie about a gorilla? Other ponderings about the dynamics of tea ski and Texas tend to drift into rambling. “Canal Smarts” is where the album peaks. Not in the jokes about Venice’s canals. What makes the entire thing is a rant about vitamins. As he breaks down Italy into a discussion about how tasty Fred Flintstone could be, it blows your mind.


The CD is an amazing look back at one of Mitch Hedberg’s final shows. It’s a simple collection that is made and broken by the material. Luckily, Mitch Hedberg carries the weight on his back for one last time. By the time that you finish this album, you’re going to be laughed out. You’re also going to be angry. Too many talents are leaving the comedy world at too brisk of a pace. Slow down, Comedy Lord. We ain’t got shit down here anymore.


Just remember that you’re not being told to fuck off. You’re just waiting to hear if the fuck’s back on. Shit like that is why it’s hard reviewing Mitch’s work. The man is so quotable that it borders on being irritating to outsiders. That’s why you need to leave in our world. The world of the cool comedy kids.



  • Final Score: 98% – A

RELEASE DATE: 09/09/08

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