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Mission of Honor [Review]

Mission of Honor is a pretty standard war film, but it has a message. This time, it’s the rather story about how the British people treated the Polish pilots that helped save their country during World War II. It’s a fine thanks for the help, get your ass back to Warsaw come V-E Day. Iwan Rheon does great in the lead role, but I don’t see his Game of Thrones making the move over to this movie. Released in Europe as Hurricane late last year, Cinedigm is trying to find a way to break this movie into America.

Honestly, I’m not sure if it needs to happen. While I love to see every movie get a theatrical release, there should be a way to let quiet dramas about War discover their audience. I get that the scale of a World War II movie requires a degree of grandiose pomp. Whether it’s warranted is something I’ll leave to you guys. However, I felt that the film was a drama about international relations that kept getting World War II stuck in its dialogue.

Give it a shot and learn something new about Poland. Well, not new. Hell, you guys never learn anything.

Mission of Honor is in theaters today!

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