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“Mile Marker” tackles PTSD in a way I rarely see tackled. Treat it as a public health issue and explore all avenues to beat it. Too often, we see the results and never any solutions. Spurred on by the 2014 death of his battle buddy, director Korey Rowe takes us throughout the US to see what treatment options are available to veterans. The psychologists in Vermont offer from great insight at the National Center for PTSD. But, it’s interesting to see that juxtaposed with the veterans that Rowe talks to during the documentary.

What really makes this film special is that it was a passion project. Rather than making edits and toning down the content, Korey Rowe chose to release the movie independently. Rowe isn’t afraid to look away from the fact that a lot of veterans aren’t seeing a road forward. For every soldier that has a breakthrough with therapy, CBD oil or other tools; there’s a rural soldier that doesn’t know what’s available. Too often, news media and documentaries want to act like these guys are trapped in the prison of their mind. But, it’s worse.

For as interconnected as America is during the Information Age, the physical resources stay limited and fixed to key areas. If this documentary does anything, it makes knowledge available from those that might not even know how to research the material or even find the location. In this day and age, that’s the best thing you can hope for in regards to improving the health of others. As Memorial Day weekend approaches, documentaries like this become must-see material.

Crack open iTunes and download this documentary on Tuesday. Support material made by veterans for veterans, as they aim to save more veterans from the troubles that come with life after combat.


  • 1 hr and 34 mins
  • Not Rated
  • Prism Pictures

RELEASE DATE: 5/22/18 (exclusively on iTunes)

  • 95%
    Film Score - 95%

The Plot Thus Far

MILE MARKER follows Korey Rowe, a two-tour veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as he travels 7,000 miles across the US to interview veterans who are currently struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As Korey navigates along his journey spanning over five weeks on his own personal road to recovery, he tells the story from the first person perspective, while capturing the beauty and diversity of our nation.

In honor of the number 22 and its association with 22 veterans per day committing suicide, Mile Marker will be available on iTunes for presale on May 1st until May 22nd, when the movie will be released. 22% of all gross presale receipts will be donated to the organizations who have partnered with the film to help spread its message. Those organizations include: Hero Grown, MAPS, Weed for Warriors, Vet Cannabis Group, Heart Strings for Heros, Veteran Health Solutions and The Mission Continues.

The film investigates new and controversial techniques and methods for treating PTSD, such as marijuana, as well as looking into the lives of veterans in America today. Traveling 7,000 miles across the United States and back, Korey departs from his home in California to check in with his former battle buddies across America, who served with him 15 years ago. Along the way, he interviews psychologists and specialists from the National Center for PTSD in White River Junction, Vermont for a balanced understanding of the underlying symptoms and associated triggers for those with PTSD.


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