“Midnight Run” is that one action comedy from the 1980s that slipped through the cracks. While it always had a cult following. No one ever really went out of their way to praise it. I figured it was because it had to exist in the shadow of Brest’s previous work on “Beverly Hills Cop”. But, as I age…I notice something new about the film.

While subverting expectations with the leads isn’t anything new, the film offers up something special with Charles Grodin. His character is the piece of crap that powers the film. The Duke learns nothing from his time with Jack Walsh other than how to stay alive. Anything that might redeemable is destroyed by his poor personality. In fact, most people tend to misread the ending. While Jack saves The Duke from Dennis Farina, the FBI and the bounty hunters…he’s corrupted.

Jack lets go of his wife and past family ties for a certain price. While returning to Chicago an unmarked man was the goal for Jack at the start of the film, he’s now willing to return home without his moral code. In fact, given the late 80s greed mentality on film…it’s pretty damning that The Duke gets away unscathed and the government agents are rendered powerless. Now, I want to watch the movie again.


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The Plot Thus Far

An accountant is chased by bounty hunters, the FBI, and the Mafia after jumping bail.

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