Mid90s (2018)

Mid90s (2018) 16

Mid90s is a film that I wonder how it impacted others. I’ve heard from a few naysayers, but most of the appreciative voices seem to come from the same demo. Kids that were within the 10-18 range during the mid 90s. Everything from the skater culture to the young girls’ hair and the choice in gaming was spot-on. Hell, Jonah Hill went the next step and shot it 1.33:1 just to capture that pre Widescreen for the masses feel. What does that all mean?

Well, I’d be wrong if I didn’t point out that it’s just a time capsule for those that hate baby boomers. Whether it’s Fugazi or Marvin Gaye…we become our pop culture touchstones that age us desperately. The kid actors work, the plot flows like a mainstream Korine joint and nary is a speck of creepiness about the picture. So, why do I still have a hang-up on this movie? Can I not let myself enjoy things?

I spent the last two weeks revisiting this movie, as I cut together my Top 25 of 2018. While it made my runner-up list, the film was ultimately hampered by ability to get over its crutches. You can rebuild a world, but I lived in it. For all those that want that time back, you should move on. No one can be Stevie forever. You can feel like it and meet more Stevies, but the past is the past for a reason.

Mid90s is available January 8th!


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