Metropolis (2001)


Metropolis came and went in 2001. Well, that was the case in America. Around the world, many anime fans awaited the feature length adaptation of a manga based on the classic Fritz Lang film. All that the casual film fan remembers is the Jazzy score and the odd use of Ray Charles. Some people seemed to think it was poignant, but it played like a forced point of emotional connection.

It’s known that I’m not the biggest Anime fan. However, I go out of my way to stretch my appreciation of the art form. While most will know the film from its finale, I find everything else before that to be thin. A young girl robot is based on the physical imprint of a dead girl. Her father created the Ziggurat that powers all technological breakthroughs in the new society. Her brother stalks her to kill her to spite their father.

All the while, a young rabble rouser befriends the girl robot and tries to fight their corrupt society together. This goes through the usual cycles before it builds to the conclusion. I guess that I wasn’t the right age when this film bowed, but it leaves me cold. There is never amount where any emotional rapport develops. I just keep watching until I hear Ray Charles let me know that the film is over. Not a ringing endorsement.

Metropolis is available in lovely Steelbook form from Mill Creek Entertainment


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