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CD/DVD. Seen on NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing’, Comedy Central’s ‘Premium Blend’ or the half-hour special ‘Comedy Central Presents: Jon Reep’. Maybe you’ve seen him on TBS’s ‘Pit Stop Comedy’, NBC’s ‘Late Friday’, or the ABC Sitcom ‘Rodney’ as Officer Gerald Bob the dim-witted cop. If not then you probably know Jon from Dodge’s popular ad campaign as the ‘Hemi guy’. Jon is known to millions as the redheaded hillbilly in the Dodge Ram commercials who leans out of a beat-up car and utters the now famous line: ‘That thing gotta Hemi?’ Born in Hickory, NC, Jon moved to Raleigh to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater at North Carolina State University. In 2000 Jon was invited to perform at the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, Canada and has since been invited back to perform in the ‘Best of the Fest’ and a ‘Gala’ show. Soon after he moved to Los Angeles to further his career as an actor and a stand-up. Jon is one of the hardest working comics in America, selling out venues and getting standing ovations in clubs and theaters across the country. His show is supersonic energy filled with non-stop characters, super clever writing, and, of course, the one talent that separates Jon from all other comedians in the world: He’s the best redneck dancer since Elvis. Look for Jon in the film, ‘Harold & Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay.’


1. Nake-Etiquette: Rules For Nudity
2. The Hickory Head Shake
3. Metro Jethro
4. Small Town-i-tude
5. Property Rights
6. Small Town Vs. Big City
7. The Riiffpher [River]
8. The Fair
9. The National Association Of Stock Car Auto Racing
10. 2007’s Best Comedian In The World!
11. The Gangs Of Marriage
12. The Wedding Dress Disaster
13. My Wife Is A Jedi
14. The Dirty Dishes Demon
15. Bad Dad Decisions
16. David Reep Mows Over A Bee’s Nest
17. David Reep Flashes Betty Reep
18. David Reep Comes Out Of The Closet
19. Cruisin’
Disc: 2
1. Intro (DVD)
2. Nake-Etiquette: Rules For Nudity (DVD)
3. The Hickory Head Shake (DVD)
4. Metro Jethro (DVD)
5. Small Town-i-tude (DVD)
6. Property Rights (DVD)
7. Small Town Vs. Big City (DVD)
8. The Riiffpher [River] (DVD)
9. The Fair (DVD)
10. The National Association Of Stock Car Auto Racing [NASCAR] (DVD)
11. 2007’s Best Comedian In The World! (DVD)
12. The Gangs Of Marriage (DVD)
13. The Wedding Dress Disaster (DVD)
14. My Wife Is A Jedi (DVD)
15. The Dirty Dishes Demon (DVD)
16. Bad Dad Decisions (DVD)
17. David Reep Mows Over A Bee’s Nest (DVD)
18. David Reep Flashes Betty Reep (DVD)
19. David Reep Comes Out Of The Closet (DVD)
20. Cruisin'(DVD)
Jon Reep is a self-described “Metro Jethro.” It’s his term for a rural Southern boy who finds himself living in the big city. People know he’s from Hickory, N.C., because he has said it more than once or a billion times before, during and after winning Last Comic Standing.

I’m not that terribly fond of the redneck humor that has filtered into the mainstream. It belittles a people, while shining a light on their quirks. When Reep breaks away from the Southern stuff, you tend to find humor in his marriage. It’s weird hearing people closer to my age range talking about married life and other adult topics. You open up cultural views and different standards to that which used to seem so far away. Plus, the dude’s wife is a Jedi.

The bonus features on the DVD portion are funny as hell. The bit with Reep’s dad cleaning the pool almost seemed staged, but I hope wasn’t. Outside of that, you get to take a look at bonus takes on the material. You also see how Reep structures his act and builds the onstage persona. Really strong work from a “newcomer”. I’d like to see more work from him.


Final Score:  89% – B

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