Meryl Streep Top Ten Movies, According to Millennials on FandangoNOW

Meryl Streep Top Ten Movies, According to Millennials on FandangoNOW 1

Timed to Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe Award honors, FandangoNOW, Fandango’s premium on-demand video service, asked more than 1,000 millennials to pick their favorite Streep films, and the results may surprise you.


Meryl Streep Top Ten Movies, According to Millennials on FandangoNOW:


  1. Sophie’s Choice
  2. The Bridges of Madison County
  3. It’s Complicated
  4. Florence Foster Jenkins
  5. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  6. Death Becomes Her
  7. Julie & Julia
  8. Mamma Mia!
  9. Into the Woods
  10. The Devil Wears Prada


Meryl’s filmography, ranked in order of millennial prefence and available for viewing on FandangoNOW, can be found here.


FandangoNOW also teamed up with Michael Schulman, author of Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep to weigh in with his expert opinion on her best films. Schulman’s choices and comments are below.

Michael Schulman, author of Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep, chooses his favorite  Meryl Streep movies:


  1. The Devil Wears PradaA consummate comic invention, Streep’s Miranda Priestly is bewitching, quietly subversive, and utterly iconic. Her portrait of a high-powered boss from hell is funny, terrifying, and, ultimately, human.
  2. Kramer vs. Kramer:Streep won her first Oscar for her stunning performance as Joanna, a discontented mother who leaves her husband and young son. Her actor’s empathy turned a would-be villain into a complicated soul—and flipped the movie’s gender politics on its head.
  3. Sophie’s Choice:As a Polish Holocaust survivor with a stomach-churning secret, Streep gave a performance so deep and detailed that the world recognized her as not just a star but a virtuoso. No wonder she won that second Oscar.
  4. Adaptation:Spike Jonze’s warped comedy put Streep back in the spotlight after a hit-and-miss decade, in part because the sheer absurdity of the story freed her from her perceived solemnity. She was having fun, pushing herself, and setting the stage for an incredible late-career resurgence.
  5. Death Becomes Her: My guilty Meryl pleasure: a pitch-dark comedy in which Streep and Goldie Hawn play arch-enemies who both take a potion granting eternal youth. Nearly every line is quotable. (“Now, a warning?”)

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