“Memoirs of an Invisible Man” is a film that I watched obsessively as an 11 year old. I saw it at the dollar theaters and on rotation on HBO. It wasn’t my first Carpenter film, but it was the first one I binged. Honestly, it’s weird the things that you remember. But, I was a mild Chevy Chase obsessive and I knew of Carpenter’s name from Big Trouble in Little China. When I saw the film, I couldn’t even tell you what appealed to me. I was a fan of the classic Universal monsters, but horror comedy didn’t appeal to me yet.

Plus, this was pre Jurassic Park Sam Neill. I’m a huge Sam Neill fan, but at this time…I only knew him as adult Damien Thorne from The Omen III. So, again…what appeal to me about this movie? Hell, I guess it’s the same as now. I’ll do anything for a slightly funny Sci-Fi/Horror fantasy that tells a capable story. Plus, I really do miss that Chevy Chase era where the guy was actually funny. I really did watch anything that HBO aired for about 10 years.


  • How To Become Invisible: The Dawn Of Digital F/X
  • Vintage Interviews With Director John Carpenter And Actors Chevy Chase And Daryl Hannah
  • Behind The Scenes Footage
  • Outtakes
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots


  • 2.35:1 1080p transfer
  • DTS-HD 2.0 master audio track


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    Video - 93%
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    Content Score - 93%

The Plot Thus Far

Just a quick nap and weary stock analyst Nick Halloway is sure he’ll emerge as good as new. Instead, he wakes up as good as gone. Vanished. A nuclear accident has made Nick … invisible!

The laughs and visual effects are out of sight when Chevy Chase headlines Memoirs of an Invisible Man. Invisibility makes it easier to spy on agents (particularly chief adversary Sam Neill) who’ve put him in his predicament. And he can romance a lovely documentary producer (Daryl Hannah) in a way she’s never “seen” before. John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing) directs and Industrial Light and Magic create eye-opening effects as Nick embarks on his manic quest. Seeing is believing!

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