Memoir of War

Memoir of War 3

Memoir of War is a look at the life of Marguerite Duras. You might know her as the wordsmith behind Hiroshima Mon Amour. If you’re a non film nerd, she will be a complete stranger. What makes Duras so special is how she survived World War II. The lady sided with the enemy, survived her husband being imprisoned and then discovered Post Modern malaise as the war wound down. That’s a lot for anyone to undertake.

The film takes slightly over two hours to never settle on what it wants to do. It’s a Resistance movie, it’s a Holocaust movie and then it’s a War movie. All the while, the audience doesn’t know what to follow. Especially since the narrative never musters a damn throughout the 126 minutes of running time.

Memoir of War is available Jan 8th!

Memoir of War

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