Melanie: Live at the Meltdown Festival 2007 5

Melanie is best known to my generation of readers, as the lady that introduced Rollergirl disrobing in Boogie Nights. If that’s where you stopped in your Melanie knowledge, that’s understandable. However, music nerds will know that she dominated the UK and American scene with everything from her originals to covers. I respect her take on Ruby Tuesday, but I feel like her true skill was heard on songs like Beautiful People. Age has changed her voice, but the power remains in the composition.

Pulp lead singer Jarvis Cocker invited Melanie to open for him at the Meltdown Festival in June 2007. What we have here is a DVD presentation of what went down. More often than not, American deep cut fans have to turn to fan uploads on YouTube to even get a glimpse of what down. Kudos to MVD for bringing together an amazing release for an unsung singer. Weird how that wordplay worked out.


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