“Moz Jobrani: Immigrant” is a fun special that makes use of its DC location. That is to say that his material is political timed to counter-attack the assault on the Muslim American identity. Jobrani talks about the need for fair representation and bringing Muslim culture into America. He’s not pushy, but he also makes an argument for being given the space to find oneself as a Muslim here. Naturally, I don’t expect this special to fair well in certain parts of the country. Last week, I spent an hour listening to a person yelling about having to pay for Al-Jazeera in their DirecTV line-up.

Jobrani branches off into other areas, as he discusses protesting and awful kids. Honestly, it’s no different than most specials you’d see on Netflix. It’s just that the hook will make most audiences think they’re going to get lectured for an hour. That’s so far from the case, that it’s not funny. But, Maz Jobrani is funny. Hell, after watching the special, I want to seek out more stuff that he’s done. I hate that I’m now starting to get “comedy old”. Help me out and watch this on Tuesday!


  • 1 hr and 7 mins
  • TV-MA
  • Netflix


  • 89%
    Film Score - 89%

The Plot Thus Far

Iranian American comic Maz Jobrani lights up the Kennedy Center with riffs on immigrant life in the Trump era, modern parenting pitfalls and more.

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