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May 7th 2019 DVD reviews: Never After, My Scientology Movie, Awesome Alphabet Collection

May 7th, 2019 DVD reviews

Never Ever

Never Ever is a film about Mathieu Amalric finding a beautiful woman and having a passionate affair. It seems like this happens a lot in Amalric movie. There is a haunting angle that feels more Bad Ronald that anything else. Still, it’s quite the fun slight International film that doesn’t play so heavy. Honestly, it makes me want to check out The Body Artist now. For DeLillo fans out there, how much did Never Ever deviate from the source material?


My Scientology Movie

My Scientology Movie was covered on AndersonVision a few years ago. While my views remain the same, I wished that we got a commentary track on the DVD. Louis Theroux is always interesting on podcasts. What’s the harm in getting him to record a commentary?

I like this kind of humor in a documentary, however it feels like Theroux already needs to revisit the material. After Leah Remini’s expose, this almost feels like an extended episode of TV Nation.

Awesome Alphabet Collection

The Awesome Alphabet Collection is Sesame Street’s latest attempt to teach your kids the alphabet. Sia and Chance the Rapper show up to educate your kids, while a mix of other clips appear to bring the lesson home. Don’t worry, people. Maya Angelou is still dead, but she can educate your kids from beyond the grave. The bonus features include a Elmo game and some printable activity sheets. That’s right, kids. DVD-Rom material.

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