May Day Movie News 2022

May Day Movie News 2022 17

This year’s edition of May Day Movie News kicks off with a bit of Banksy, Arrow, anime and more!

Banksy Most Wanted comes to Digital and Video on Demand on May 13th

Bansky gets a new documentary with Banksy Most Wanted coming to Digital pretty soon.

Arrow Video has quite the SVOD May 2022 Lineup

May Day Movie News 2022 19

Arrow Video gets a brand new SVOD lineup for May 2022, check it out.

I’m debating a Puppet Master retrospective in May and this will help things out. Also, you’re getting all of these major Vinegar Syndrome and Blue Underground titles on streaming! It’s incredible.

Get your tickets for Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko! Coming June 2nd via GKids and Fathom Events

Fathom Events and GKids are gearing up for Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko!

Tickets are available starting Friday April 29th by clicking here!

This was the May Day Movie News 2022

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