[text_block_nav title=”The Plot”]”Max” is a workable film about a military dog having to come to terms with PTSD and getting traded off to different humans.

[/text_block_nav][text_block_nav title=”What Troy Thought”]MAX in less than 100 words

“Max” is a family friendly film that uses the term almost in a coded sense to make something open to all, yet able to sneak in right-wing leaning messages. While I’m not totally opposed to the efforts, I don’t like the means of deceit. What we end up seeing is a dog saves family movie on an emotional level that works. Couple that with a solid cast and you’ve got a movie that I feel most will discover on home video. That is if you have a soul.[/text_block_nav][text_block_nav title=”Conclusion”]In conclusion, I liked it…but even I put off covering it for a bit.[/text_block_nav]

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