Question for Bob and Matt:

How does working for Legendary Comics differ from the Big Two?


Matt Wagner: It’s neat because we’re here at the ground level of Legendary Comics’ first foray into comic book production.  On some levels, there’s a bit of learning curve for everybody, but overall it sort of echoes the early days when Bob and I first started.  It has an indie sort of vibe and excitement, and yet at the same time, there is no denying that Legendary is a powerful player in the entertainment field.  We get to act as a sort of indie publisher but with the absolute bestresources at our fingertips.


Bob Schreck: Yes, absolutely, as Matt said, there’s some level of trailblazing going on. I started Oni Press back in 1997 and kind of went through the same thing there, but with far less resources behind us.  But we made a really nice splash with the help of Matt Wagner and others so it does have that same kind of Indie feel but there is that powerful support behind us from Thomas (Tull) and Legendary.


We’re approaching the 30th anniversary of Grendel, how have comics changed for both of you since the old Comico days?


Matt Wagner: Well it’s certainly a more saturated field nowadays, but at the same time comics hasn’t changed for me at all.  I still wake up every day just anxious to tell new stories in this format.  It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted to do.  My parents had a school memory scrapbook when I was growing up.  During the elementary school years, next to where you fill in your height/weight/school picture, it had a spot for “What I want to be when I grow up.”  One year I wrote “astronaut” and I have to assume that was the year we landed on the moon.  Every other year I wrote “Comic book writer.”  So I’ve been doomed for this from the start.  <laughs>.  But this profession still thrills the hell out of me every single day.


Bob Schreck: I still love sitting around coming up with an idea with a writer or comic book artist, that small conversation, and watching grow. I see myself as kind of the inspector of the ship.  I walk around and try to politely challenge, “What did you mean by this?” and “What did you mean by that?”  But that whole process of watching something go from nothing to “Oh my god, look at where we are!” is always exciting. Ten months later and we have a book in our hands that is pretty darn good. Or at least that’s the goal.  It’s a great feeling and that’s what has always attracted me to comics and story telling in general.



Closing comments by Matt:

As happy as we are with the first volume, I can say with no hesitation that this book only gets better and better as it goes – Both with the depth of story, the emotional involvement, and the grand epic scale of this art.  The excitement just builds and builds in this tale.


THE TOWER CHRONICLES: Geisthawk – Volume 1 is Available Now in your local comic shop, at, and via Comixology Download!
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