"The Martian" will make you believe in Matt Damon's ability to survive.

Fecal agriculture and disco on a loop. This is Hell.

“The Martian” is a TED talk come to life. I hate stealing a train of thought I found on social media, but I can’t drop since I saw the film. Since it’s been a few weeks and I took forever to get the review out, we’ll drop a quickie for you. Mark Watney has been abandoned on Mars his crew. Upon returning to Earth, NASA assumes he’s dead until he manipulates equipment to broadcast to the world that he’s still allive. NASA debates the merit of returning for the man, while science saves the day.

Everyone in the free world has seen the movie by now, so there’s no need to sway opinion. What I will say is that this is a safe Oscar bait movie. The only person who really amped it up was Jeff Daniels who has been spending 2015 saving bloated films through amazing acting. Don’t believe me? Well, go see “Steve Jobs”. But, what does this mean for the golden years of Ridley Scott?

Well, he has redeemed himself for “Exodus”. But, did he really need to redeem himself? This is a guy who has bombed long stretches of his career doing films that were underwhelming. That being said, he’s a director with a vision that is unmatched by his contemporaries or the younger generation. Take that for what you will, as the film is closing in on a solid month of being in the Top 2 at the Box Office.

RELEASE DATE: 10/2/2015

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