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MARS (2016) 1

MARS (2016)


“Mars” reminds me a ton of those indie documentaries that came out in the 1980s about Nostradamus. Well, there were other ones about King Tut and the end of the world too. However, something remained super fishy about Orson Welles bellowing over Nostradamus’ predictions set against a fictionalized recreation. What could’ve been a lecture has now become a forced and slightly stilted fictional history. Hell, it’s one that will probably be dated by 2033.

That’s not to say that this isn’t a fascinating piece of speculative fiction. Hell, it’s far less imposing than the works of Atwood and other pioneers of the field. What it does do is make me wonder if Howard and Grazer are working out what would’ve been Silver Screen ideas in the safe space of TV. Did the world miss out on serious Adult Hard Sci-Fi fare because it doesn’t fare well at the Multiplex? Their next production of “Einstein” starts incredibly soon, so I’m thinking that’s the case and the case is profitable. If you’re interested in space exploration and the speculative future, pick this one up.


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