MANGLER, THE (1995) 1


“The Mangler” is terribly underrated. While originating from a 20 page short story, Hooper knows that the original story is hokey. That’s why he turns the story of a possessed laundry mangler into commentary on post WWII industry. Sure, the laundry company needs the Mangler to work. But, why does it need the blood of a virgin to stay happy? Was the older lady from the start supposed to be a virgin?

Robert Englund is gross looking as the elderly handicapped owner of the Laundry. Ted Levine plays the detective that is investigating him and he’s discovering crazy things about the town and their precious laundry. Shades of Shirley Jackson abound in this Stephen King tale, all the while something dawns on me. Half of this movie features characters and plot creations that didn’t exist in the original story.

Normally, that makes me crazy. However, it improves the story dramatically for all parties. While the movie died a quick death at theaters, I recommend that everyone gives it a chance this Halloween season. Hell, you should try to watch 31 Stephen King adaptations this season. Bonus points if you can stay away from TV movies.


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  • 1.85:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby 5.1


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