Man from Atlantis [Rediscovery + Review]

Man from Atlantis: Rediscovery and Review

Patrick Duffy used to be a big star. But, back in the day…the big 3 Networks were desperate for anything that could get these stars working. Before he was big on Dallas, Duffy did his best Namor for a live-action Hanna Barbara production. After this film spawned a series of TV-movies, the Man from Atlantis would eventually have a short-lived TV series. What I want to know is…why?

The Man from Atlantis isn’t a good series. However, it’s a collection of one-off ideas that highlight the limitations of dealing with the undersea world on a TV budget. After Patrick Duffy puts the moves on Doogie Howser MD’s mom, the action moves to a submarine setting.

After the gang discovers that Victor Buono is doing some devious stuff underwater, it’s not long before we see some fisticuffs. What can I say? It was a different time where people would watch anything.

Patrick Duffy swimming fast and fat old men mastering the Dark Arts underwater was pretty novel. Trust me when I say that the other three TV-movies are far worse. While this is a fun chunk of history, I really wish we could’ve got some special features. Still, this disc is the best I’ve ever seen Man from Atlantis look.

Man from Atlantis is available now!

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Man from Atlantis arrives from Warner Archive Blu-ray on March 12th.

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