“Mamaboy” follows the struggles of a young man trying to get with his lady. Cursed by a religious upbringing, he uses the wicked Liberal powers of science to find a way around his predicament. After his girlfriend becomes pregnant, his scientist uncle adapts a plan he used to get a monkey pregnant. That’s right, monkey science leads to his nephew getting the transferred embryo into his system. Now, his nephew is carrying his girlfriend’s baby so that his religious superiors will be happy.

Gary Busey seems to stay bewildered throughout the film. Honestly, I believe that the producers must have told him it was a real-time documentary. The end result is a fairly tame PG-13 movie that should make anyone with a copy of Final Draft try to do better. I’m putting this on The Cinema Snob to cover this film in the immediate future. While I go for quick hits, the material here is ripe for two or three videos. Now, I suddenly regret missing my opportunity two weeks ago to ask Gary Busey about this movie. Busey or someone else needs to explain this to the world.


  • Trailer
  • Featurette


  • 1.78:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby 5.1


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