In the last half-century, women have fought their way into nearly every sphere of American life, from the battlefield to the comedy club, the soundstage to the Senate. Expanding on the critically acclaimed PBS documentary MAKERS: Women Who Make America, which told the story of the modern American women’s movement, each documentary in this six-part series examines the impact of the women’s movement on six fields once largely closed to women. Through intimate interviews with trailblazing women known and unknown, viewers are given a rare limpse–sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and always candid–of what it was like to be pioneers in their fields. Directed by some of the country’s leading independent filmmakers, MAKERS brings to life new and unforgettable stories that every woman, man, girl and boy should know.

Interviewees include: Ursula Burns, Diahann Carroll, Paula Coughlin, Glenn Close, Geena Davis, Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Handler, Gwen Ifill, Mae Jemison, Jane Lynch, Barbara Mikulski, Indra Nooyi, Valerie Plame, Shonda Rhimes, Joan Rivers, Pat Schroeder, Sarah Silverman, Olympia Snowe, Alfre Woodard, and many more.


“Makers” returns with its second season and it’s a lot of material. Splitting the fields into hour long segments works, as it gives everyone the chance to see where women have made impact. There’s a lot of talking heads and back patting. But, what else could you do with the material? The different directors, narrators and focus did the same thing in repeating that women are awesome.

The push into Comedy helped me to make it through one completed session of the show. The last season, I had to tear up into bite-sized chunks to enjoy. The sampler approach to heavy issues is great, but I don’t know if anything is being said that people don’t know. Women have been a big part of our history and nothing is ever going to change that. Still, it’s nice to have a reminder.

The DVD comes with no special features, but you get six hours of content. The A/V Quality is adequate. The transfer is on par with most standard definition documentaries. The same can be said for the Dolby 2.0 track. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to the curious.

RELEASE DATE: 12/16/2014

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