Magnolia Digital January 7th Feature: Mister America & Wrinkles the Clown

Wrinkles the Clown DVD

Mister America is the latest Tim Heidecker movie and I don’t know what I think. The guy is funny, but when he does things like The Trial, it feels like a short spiel that got stretched too long. So a feature that follows up on The Trial creates something that feels almost impenetrable to people not keeping up with these shenanigans. Still, it was funny.

Look at me, whistling and fidgeting. What else am I supposed to say? If you’ve seen what Heidecker has done independently, then you get it what’s going on. Those not already onboard aren’t going to suddenly get onboard.

Mister America is available on DVD and Digital January 7th

Wrinkles the Clown is a documentary that got my attention. Mainly, because I love secretive internet spawned junk that ends up terrorizing people. Well, terrorize in the general scare sense not in the Tiki Torches and secretive Google sheet lists. I dig that the documentary went out of its way to keep Wrinkles’ real identity secretive. But, the movie is so unbalanced.

Why spend so much of the front half with talking heads and general clown yammering? I want to see a history of Wrinkles and terrorizing the good people of America. Honestly, I’d love to see a follow-up documentary. The DVD comes with deleted scenes as the special features.

Wrinkles the Clown is available on DVD and Digital January 7th

Wrinkles the Clown DVD

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