Madman Marz is coming back to camp.

“Madman” is yet another film about camp counselors pissing off the mentally unstable. Gaylen Ross makes her way out of the Monroeville Mall to take part in this under seen horror film under an alias. Madman Marz bares a passing semblance to Immortan Joe, plus he works just as effectively as a villain. Vinegar Syndrome should be rewarded for spending such loving care on the 4K restoration of this cult classic. I’ve never seen the film look better than it is here.

The special features range from video interviews, documentary, featurettes, commentary tracks and vintage promo materials. The DTS-HD track keeps most of the action upfront, but it’s true to its source material. Check out and don’t be like me. I used to keep confusing this movie with “I, Madman”. It’s worth a purchase.


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