MacGyver: Season 3

MacGyver Season 3 title

MacGyver returns with a third season. I’m just giving you a heads-up, so you can calm down your grandparents. Between Blue Bloods and this show, somebody’s bound to blow a pig valve. But, outside of me kidding about this needless remake of an 80s show…why do people like it? That question stuck with me throughout this third year of the season.

Liberally borrowing elements of prior CBS successes with CSI, NCIS and name another police show; this material is very cookie cutter. However, I totally buy Lucas Till in the lead. Till has been bouncing around films for a bit, but I always dig him when I see him. What sucks is that he totally buys into the material and does his best to elevate it.

However, that doesn’t matter in a world where elderly viewers just want the familiar. You can throw a little person, Tate Donovan and whomever else you want into the mix. Nothing really changes. Everything remains dressed up enough to keep the average viewer from revolting. But, CBS knows their audience. Recycle their past hits for the right age range and then sit back.

The DVD comes with no special features. But, it’s available in standard definition. It’s suitable viewing for your parents. Why? Well, because they could have a 4K TV and still be watching the SD feed of whatever is available. Physical media still matters, but releases like this make me question a lot.

MacGyver Season 3 DVD January 2020

MacGyver: Season 3 is now available!

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